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As we go about our day, our bags take a battering. They get dropped, put on the floor, dragged and more. This can leave them looking rugged and dirty. Our bags can be washed and cared for easily to ensure they stay looking crisp and can help make them last longer. We put together this guide to help you understand the best ways to look after your PAKTA STUDIO bag.

Brush dirt and debris

Using a hard-bristle brush (or an old toothbrush) gently brush any loose dirt or debris off the bag. Try to avoid brushing vigorously on any printed areas of the bag, but use gentle slow motions on printed areas to avoid fading the print.

Wash at room temperature

We do not recommend washing the bags in a washing machine, as the tumbling can cause friction on the print. We recommend flipping the bag inside out before washing, and then hand wash the bag using room temperature water (maximum 30°c) and soap, taking care to be gentle around the print to avoid fading. 

If you are unable to flip the bag inside out, simply submerge the bag in water and watch, being careful of printed areas.

*The ink we use for the print is a water-based screen-printing ink. This ink is more environmentally friendly and sustainable, but as a result can fade more easily. This is why we recommend avoiding friction and aggressive rubbing to maximise the lifespan of the print.

Air-dry and iron

Let your bag air-dry either outdoors or on a clothing rack. When dry, you can iron your bag on the Cotton setting of your iron. Use steam to help remove creases, and do not hold the iron in one place for too long otherwise the fabric may burn. If there are any folds and creases you cannot iron out, the weight of the bag in use will likely remove these in time.