We aim to provide highly functional, handmade products that are built to last, allowing you to be effortlessly prepared in the city, on your adventures, and everything in between.

Pared down to the essentials, our collection of tried-and-tested bag designs are crafted from heavy-duty, waterproof cotton canvas and secured with durable hardware.

Low-key and free of irony, our faithful roving storage units are diligently sewn and screen-printed in Bratislava by a small hands-on, in-house team. We strive to keep waste and environmental impact to a minimum, using natural fibres and sourcing materials locally where possible.

Our Story

PAKTA Studio was founded in 2017 by Hana Komanová and Kerim Hudson. Whilst moving between cities around Europe, we found it very difficult to find bags and backpacks which were good for everyday use as well as for travelling between places. Simple bags and backpacks that looked great and were easy for everyday use in the city, but were also robust and reliable to protect our belongings as we moved.

We wanted to create bags and backpack for a new style of living, where the idea of local is no longer geographically restricted. Where, in a strive for honesty and authenticity, one can explore the world to find the cultures and communities you wish to be a part of. Where friends and families are not just spread between cities, but countries.

Combining our backgrounds in fashion and print, we set about creating products which balanced form and function. Using natural fibres and environmentally-friendly inks to create the tried-and-tested designs that are designed to endure, but soft on the environment.

Having initially met in Kerim’s native London, we naturally gravitated towards Hana’s hometown of Bratislava, a place where we could grow organically with the city and contribute to it’s creative rebirth.

*The pictures below are our first ever prototypes for the RUKSAK, made from some old canvas fabric from Hana's grandma.


Our Principles

Minimise our environmental impact: We strive to keep waste and environmental impact to a minimum, using natural fibres and sourcing materials locally where possible. You can learn more about our materials here.

Ethical production: All of our products are currently produced in-house, by hand by a small skilled team in Bratislava. We produce in small quantities to prevent overproduction, and are dedicated to providing an ethical, living wage to all of our employees.

Designed to last: We strive to design products that are lifelong-lasting, using strong materials and metal components. We also encourage repair of our products following natural wear and tear, to support product maintenance and conscious shopping by minimising waste.